Commodities & Power

OJF Power is committed to both supply and demand clients in power & commodities.  

OJF Power provides fuel and power producers with unique commodity sales opportunities and solutions for stranded assets and carbon obligation.

OJF Power provides clients in search of reliable and inexpensive power solutions with a suite of services and offerings to support High Performance Computing (HPC) businesses, including crypto-currency mining.

Based in Calgary Alberta, we leverage our vast network in North America and beyond to maintain a comprehensive list of available power source offerings.

We specialize in sourcing and facilitating:

·        Natural Gas sales transactions

·        Flare gas remediation solutions

·        Hydro-electric and other power generation transactions

·        Grid power and infrastructure solutions

·        Carbon and carbon capture solutions

·        Regulatory affairs and approval solutions

Looking to kickoff a power or commodities project? We can help.

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